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Inject a little variety into your online casino experience at Coral with their great games

You’ve all heard of the casino classics but if you do fancy a change from the norm, Coral Casino has a great selection of other games to try.

There are 15 miscellaneous games to choose from and most of them are wonderfully simply. We’ve picked out some of our favourites and you can find out more about them below.

Which new game will become one of your favourites?

We all know how to play rock, paper, scissors but how many times have you played for money? As you might expect, this game is a very easy one to play, just you up against the computer. Draw and your money is returned but end up on top and your money will almost be doubled. You can also bet on yourself having a winning streak. Back yourself for four in a row and pull it off for a huge 78 times return on your stake. Heads and tails is another game which needs no explanation. Flip either one or two coins at a time and put to test the old saying that ‘tails never fails’.

For those of you who are fond of bowling but end up in the gutter all too often, Bonus Bowling might be for you. Let the computer do the rolling for you as you bet on how many pins will fall. A strike pays out big, 25 times your stake but you might be more inclined to play it safe and back a dud throw that can’t topple more than three pins. Sticking with popular pastimes, the Penalty Shootout game gives you the suspense of the 12 yard kick without needing to dust off your boots. Go brave and pick the top corner for a big win but be aware that this goalkeeper is notoriously good at saving shots heading for the postage stamp.

In Derby Day Horse Racing there are six horses going head to head each race, all with their own form and trainer form. You can study the info or simply back the one with the name you have a good feeling about. Bets can be placed on the usual markets such as the winner, the correct order of the first two or on a horse to make the top three. The potential pay-out will be displayed once any selection is complete and once confirmed the horses will be released from the stalls.

One of Coral’s ‘other games’ even features a progressive jackpot worth tens of thousands of pounds, Jackpot Darks. To stand a chance of winning the huge prize, you will need to bet on the ‘jackpot’ rather than going for other board options such as backing two trebles or a total between 42 and 180. What you need to see on a jackpot bet is all three darts hit the bullseye or outer bull. Don’t worry if somebody wins the jackpot just before you as you will be guaranteed a pay out 25,000 times your bet.